Creative Spaces | Why They Are So Important

Do the work. Do the work that inspires you. And uplifts you. 

I've felt a craving for work that speaks to me. That's honest and true and thought provoking. As I've begun work on several personal projects, I keep finding that everything leads me back to the idea of creativity. What drives creatives? What does their routine look like? What are their stories? And one thing keeps intriguing me, what do their work places look like? I'm excited to share some of those answers with you in the form of photo essays in the coming months, but first. I needed to turn those own questions on myself. 

And my space was NOT conducive to creating the type of work that I want to. 

I believe that a creative's space is crucial to the work that they produce. I also believe that you can turn just about any space into what you need it to be to do your work. Thanks to a few REALLY amazing companies, I was able to transform my space into something that inspires me. With hints of earth tones, drift wood and the desert, I was able to turn a lackluster corner of my house with pieces that are reflective of me into a space that lets me create. (and a stack of all of my Steinbeck & National Geographic favorites) 

And guess what. Walker Edison, the company that makes the desk you see, is giving away one just like it to one of YOU! The drawer is perfect for paint brushes, pens and drawing paper. My favorite part though, is the USB plug on the side! Super stylish AND functional. To enter to win, follow these steps:

1. Follow Walker Edison on Pinterest:

2. Enter on Instagram at @haleynord and/or @walkeredisonfurniture

3. Share with your friends! 

(If you don't have Instgram, first, GET IT. You can also enter by leaving a comment on here)