DESERT RAT, Living in Utah

I grew up in the desert, and every chance I get, I find myself returning to the beautiful landscapes that make up the great American West. I’m constantly inspired by the open spaces and the plants and animals that thrive in them. Protecting these spaces means everything to me.

My work is influenced heavily by this, but even more by chance encounters on this blue speck we call home. Yeah- that love stuff. You know how we’re hurtling through space but there’s that one person who makes it seem like time doesn’t exist? That’s what drives me. Put these two things together- heart pounding love and beautiful western vistas- and I’m one happy camper. (Sometimes literally, I’ve lost count of the special weddings I’ve photographed where we are sleeping in tents).

Books I love endlessly: Anything Ed Abbey, Just Kids by Patti Smith, and Travels with Charley

Music: Stevie Nicks (THE QUEEN), The Doors and throwbacks to my emo/metal high school days

Films: No Country for Old Men. The end.

Art: Mark Maggiori, Stella Marie Baer, Hannah Sue Crane


Let’s be friends.

Grab your pups and favorite whiskey and let’s start planning our desert hangs!

What free time looks like for us and our little hound dog!