Lilac Bridal | Desert Storm Clouds

Dark storm clouds hung on our shoulders the entire shoot. It was the perfect evening- damp spring air, silence besides the sound of birds emerging from a long winter, and the company of artists.

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Hair & Makeup | Megan Gorley Dress | Natalie Wynn  Florals| Mila Adams

A Story | Desert Bride

Photographs are nothing without story. I think as a photographer it’s impossible to prevent your narrative from being weaved in with the people that you photograph. I think this is what creates style. It’s about much more than what camera you use and what numbers are on your Instagram page. Style is your story, and I believe that’s why it’s natural to start attracting clients who are like you, who view the world in a similar way. A photography session to me is about working together, building trust, to share someone’s story in a way that’s meaningful to both of you.

Olya was one of those brides I was smitten with from the first time I met her. We spent hours together photographing her engagements, and I was delighted to spend a few more in the desert with her wandering around the west desert. The moon even made a special appearance, resting on her shoulder for many of our shots. As the last light slipped away, I knew we had captured something really special.