5 Hair Style Ideas for Your Elopement

Hey friends!

Coming at you today with something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time- tackle the, “but what do I do with my hair??” question. You have the perfect location, dress, PERSON, but what’s a gal to do when she wants a simple, low-key option for her elopement day hair? KEEP IT SIMPLE. All that running around in the desert you’re about to do begs for an effortless style. I worked with the wonderful hair and makeup artist Nikki Breedlove to show you five easy hair styles for your intimate wedding or elopement.

Do yourself a favor and have this gal get you all dolled up for your Utah elopement!


  1. DOWN. This style is effortless but still beautiful.

Simple elopement hair and makeup for wedding

2. Half way up. Add a touch of juniper berries or whatever foliage is significant to where you’re getting married and you’re ready to say your vows!

Simple half updo on elopement bride

3. Low bun. This style is romantic and elegant without feeling too overdone. Have your stylist leave a few wispy hairs out to really nail this look!

Romantic bridal updo with wispy pieces for a low-key elopement look

4. Side braid. This is hands down my favorite style. All of your hair is back and secured, but still gives you that feeling of long hair around your face.

Low-key elopement braid hair idea for bride

5. Low-fuss Updo. Simple but still elegant, I love this hair style for a bride who wants to maintain a touch of class, even if running around in the desert.

Simple updo hair for low-key elopement bride

Thank you to:

Marlee Olsen for always being a perfect model

Bridal Closet for the prettiest dress

Ultraviolet Studios in Ogden for the dreamy backdrop

Nikki Breedlove for the amazing hair and makeup