Why I Photograph Weddings

I am often asked why I photograph weddings. 

There are many things I love about wedding days, the miracle of finding human companionship, the meaningful details, dad and daughter dances, I could go on and on. 

But here's a little story that wraps up what I love about weddings the most.

This is the third time this family has invited me to spend a wedding day with them. Each of the previous ones, grandpa sat and watched while everyone danced. He had recently had surgery, and couldn't join in, even though dancing is one of his favorite things to do. This time though, he took the hand of his wife of over 50 years and they quietly danced in the back of the venue. Just the two of them. I walked over to capture the moment and realized there were tears streaming down his face. 

and maybe a few on mine. 

Earlier in the evening, a toast had been given that talked about how a marriage day was the beginning of a new family. About how much these two newlyweds would influence those to come after them.  As I stood there watching grandma and grandpa dance with a group of people behind them who were there because these two people chose each other...Magic. And that's what weddings are to me, a little spark of magic.

I have so much love for these two, and the couples that trust me to document their day.