Winter Engagement Session in Moab

“This is the best day ever.”

Liz said that a few times during our engagement shoot….and I have to agree. See, I’m one of those annoying people who believes we get to have infinite best days ever in our life, and it’s perhaps my greatest joy that I get to share so many best days ever, with the best people ever. So yeah, you’ll probably hear me say that a million times. I’m okay with that.

I was absolutely thrilled when Liz & Chase chose me as their photographer. They both have big hearts and are impossibly kind. Great style is just a bonus at that point. ;) They are getting married this fall in the mountains, so it seemed fitting to spend a day down in Moab capturing the beauty of Southern Utah for their engagements. Moab is one of the best little parts of the world, and I loved being able to show them one of my favorite spots. (Oh yeah, I also have wayyy too many favorite things).

The fun thing about doing engagement shoots like this is making a whole day of it! Such a good way to take a little break from wedding planning. We ate lunch in town, visited Arches National Park, and then took a little drive up Hwy 128 to a quiet corner of Canyon Country. We bonded over true crime, a love of vintage clothes, and stories about Europe backpacking trips.

These sweet people just fit together so well, and I’m honored to be telling this chapter of their story. If overwhelmingly beautiful red rocks are your thing, keep scrolling.


Arches National Park, Double Arch in Moab
Couple standing under double arch in Arches National Park
Couple engagement shoot in Moab, Utah
Couple engagement shoot at Arches National Park
Couple engagement shoot under arch in Moab Utah
Haley-Nord-Photography-Moab-Engagement-Utah-Photographer-Castle Valley_0645.jpg
Couple walks under double arch in Moab, Utah
Engagement photo in Utah desert
Moab Utah red rock
Castle Valley outside of Moab Utah
Haley-Nord-Photography-Moab-Engagement-Utah-Photographer-Castle Valley_0651.jpg
Haley-Nord-Photography-Moab-Engagement-Utah-Photographer-Castle Valley_0652.jpg
Engagement shoot at Castle Valley near Moab Utah
Haley-Nord-Photography-Moab-Engagement-Utah-Photographer-Castle Valley_0655.jpg
Haley-Nord-Photography-Moab-Engagement-Utah-Photographer-Castle Valley_0656.jpg
Couple holds hands at engagement shoot in Moab, Utah
Haley-Nord-Photography-Moab-Engagement-Utah-Photographer-Castle Valley_0658.jpg
Couple underneath Castleton in Moab, Utah
Haley-Nord-Photography-Moab-Engagement-Utah-Photographer-Castle Valley_0660.jpg
Couple laughing at engagement shoot in Moab Utah
Couple laughing in Moab Utah at their engagement shoot
Haley-Nord-Photography-Moab-Engagement-Utah-Photographer-Castle Valley_0663.jpg
Couple smiling at their engagement shoot in Castle Valley, Utah
Haley-Nord-Photography-Moab-Engagement-Utah-Photographer-Castle Valley_0665.jpg
Couple stands near red rock in Southern Utah at their engagement shoot

Sunrise Engagement Session at Amangiri Resort

Girl gets engaged at Amangiri in Utah

I woke up at…well super early. Sometime around 4:30 a.m. after a quick nap in the Jeep.

I put my gear together and drove through the dusky Utah desert towards what seemed even more remote of a place than the stretch of Highway 89 from Kanab I had driven the night before. Winding through little roads brought me through Navajo Sandstone, dropping me into the tucked away section of Utah desert that Amangiri is set in.

As a desert lover, one of my favorite things is the peace and stillness and EMPTINESS that can be found. I was unsure of how a resort in the middle of such a quiet place would be able to preserve the beauty of the desert…but MAN, I don’t think even Ed Abbey would have been mad that humans were here. Every single thing about the architecture pointed the eye back out to the desert and was minimal to the point of almost being invisible from the road. (plus little bunnies and lizards scampered just feet from the rooms..CUTE)

I met Jake & Leah at the front of Amangiri, and we took our time walking through the property, finding little nooks of light and shadow to play with. The early hours provided us almost complete seclusion and allowed us to really soak in the sunrise.

Thank you infinitely you two for bringing me to this beautiful corner of the Southwest to celebrate your engagement.


Utah sign entering Utah at Paige Arizona state border
Arizone desert with sage brush
Pool at Amangiri Resort in Utah desert
Couple standing poolside at amangiri resort in Utah desert
Couple standing at the pool at Amangiri resort in Utah
Woman sitting at pool at Amangiri resort
Couple getting engaged at Amangiri resort in Utah
Black and white image in Utah desert
Couple hugging at resort near Lake Powell
Hands reaching across desert in Utah
Couple holding hands in Utah desert
Couple walking in beautiful architecture in the desert
Couple walking in Utah desert at Amangiri
Couple smiling at Amangiri
Couple hugging at Amangiri
Black and white portrait at Amangiri
Couple walking through Arizona desert
Navajo sandstone landscape photo at Amangiri resort
Couple stands near sandstone in Utah desert
Sunrise at Amangiri resort
Couple gets engaged at Amangiri resort
Couple visits Amangiri resort for engagement
Couple has wedding at Amangiri resort
Couple stands at Amangiri resort
Couple gets married at Amangiri
Couple standing and laughing in Utah desert
Couple is romantic at Amangiri resort
Couple stands at spa at Amangiri resort
Black and white couple at Amangiri resort
Romantic engagement photos at Amangiri resort in Utah desert
Amangiri desert concrete architecture
Couple enjoys sunrise at Amangiri resort
Black and white photo of couple at Amangiri resort
Amangiri sunrise engagement photos
Couple enjoys the view at Amangiri resort
Sunrise desert engagement shoot
Amangiri sunrise session with couple in desert
Black and white desert couple at Amangiri
Desert engagement shoot in Utah near Lake Powell
Couple has wedding at Amangiri wedding near Page Arizona
Engaged couple holds hands in Southern Utah desert
Couple runs down hill in Utah desert
Couple walks through Arizona desert at sunrise