Rainy Salt Lake Wedding

She said when she woke up, she thought "Adam loves the smell of rain."

And that's Maddi, hopelessly optimistic and loving. Everywhere she walks, people light up. To see someone that magnetic look up at another human with such love and the happiest I'll-love-you-forever smile was nothing short of magic. (I promise, keep scrolling, the way she looks at him will make you melt)

And then there's me, a heart full of love for cloudy skies, dewy plants, and rainy city streets. There was  something so symbolic about this day. Two people washed clean, not a care in the world for the storm around them..

"When the sky turns black
And we know it will from time to time
We've been through that
And we came out on top because

You're really easy to love
You're really easy to love"

Venue | Publik Coffee