Ten Jaw-Dropping Places to Elope in Utah

Utah’s desert landscapes are unparalleled throughout the world. From slot canyons, to canyon cliffs, the mighty Colorado and Green rivers- there is an endless supply of beautiful places to get married to your person.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. And if you want to plan a beautiful Utah elopement of your own, drop me a line here and make sure to browse the helpful elopement planning tips for each location.


  1. Canyonlands National Park

    A quick 45 minute drive from Moab, Utah, Canyonlands NP offers views of iconic landmarks like Mesa Arch, Grandview point and an overlook of the green river. Canyonlands is typically more quiet than it’s neighbor national park Arches, making it a perfect place to share your vows. Get information on obtaining a permit from the park service here.


2. Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

This national monument encompasses over a million acres. There are more adventures to be had in this area than one person could have in a lifetime- hikes, waterfalls, slot canyons..you name it. After you say your vows, make sure to check out Hell’s Backbone Grill for dinner, the best spot in the whole state for grub as far as I’m concerned. Boulder or Escalante would both make great towns to be your home base while visiting this area. For more information on the monument, click here.


3. Arches National Park

Arches NP is Moab’s most visited park, and for good reason. As you drive into the park, you’re transported into a prehistoric world of towering red rocks. For more information on obtaining a wedding/elopement permit for Arches National Park, click here.


4. Dead Horse State Park

Why is this the best park in Moab to elope at? BECAUSE DOGS ARE ALLOWED! If having your pup with you while you say your vows is important and you want the accessibility of a state/national park, this is your place! Dead Horse offers sweeping views of the surrounding canyon country, and the sunsets always go off! For more information on getting a permit for your wedding or elopement ceremony in Dead Horse State Park, click here.


5. Amangiri Resort, Canyon Point, Utah

Amangiri is the ultimate Utah desert meets luxury. The resort perfectly compliments the surrounding landscape, with all the amenities and beautiful architecture you would expect from an Aman resort. No more words needed, get married here NOW. (or honeymoon!!) More info here.


6. Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef is my favorite national park in Utah. It’s wild, remote and you almost forget you’re in a national park. While most people visit Utah’s more popular parks, it’s not because this one lacks any beauty. There are amazing viewpoints, hikes, petroglyphs and AMAZING cinnamon rolls at the GIfford House. More info on wedding permits here.


7. Zion National Park

Zion National Park is in the top five most visited parks in the whole country- and no wonder, it’s home to the legendary narrows and the infamous Angel’s Landing Hike. Zion is not where you go for solitude without getting up for sunrise or hiking one of the lesser traveled hikes, but it’s views make it worth it. There are several beautiful places to stay just outside of the park that still have the same natural beauty, but are less crowded. Try Under Canvas and Zion Ponderosa Ranch for lodging and as alternates as where to host your wedding. If you want to get married inside the park, obtain a permit here and check frequently for road and trail closures.


8. Salt Flats

Utah’s salt flats are a wonder. They make a beautiful backdrop for an elopement or small wedding! There are also nearby areas worth exploring for a post-elopement campfire and s’mores. Here is more info on eloping at Utah’s Salt Flats


9. Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley is one of the most remote corners of Utah’s desert landscapes. There is endless hiking, and the interesting rock formations make for an excellent backdrop to get married against. As an added bonus, like Dead Horse State Park, dogs are welcome! For more information on how to obtain a permit, click here.


10. Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Tucked away towards the Wyoming border, Flaming Gorge offers beautiful canyon views, overlooks and open high desert vistas. I’d highly recommend staying at Manila’s Vacation Inn as a place to stay, or reach out to them about hosting your elopement dinner on their beautiful property.


Thanks for stopping by! All elopement and wedding packages booked with Haley Nord Photography include location and planning assistance. Inquire here!

Sunrise Engagement Session at Amangiri Resort

Girl gets engaged at Amangiri in Utah

I woke up at…well super early. Sometime around 4:30 a.m. after a quick nap in the Jeep.

I put my gear together and drove through the dusky Utah desert towards what seemed even more remote of a place than the stretch of Highway 89 from Kanab I had driven the night before. Winding through little roads brought me through Navajo Sandstone, dropping me into the tucked away section of Utah desert that Amangiri is set in.

As a desert lover, one of my favorite things is the peace and stillness and EMPTINESS that can be found. I was unsure of how a resort in the middle of such a quiet place would be able to preserve the beauty of the desert…but MAN, I don’t think even Ed Abbey would have been mad that humans were here. Every single thing about the architecture pointed the eye back out to the desert and was minimal to the point of almost being invisible from the road. (plus little bunnies and lizards scampered just feet from the rooms..CUTE)

I met Jake & Leah at the front of Amangiri, and we took our time walking through the property, finding little nooks of light and shadow to play with. The early hours provided us almost complete seclusion and allowed us to really soak in the sunrise.

Thank you infinitely you two for bringing me to this beautiful corner of the Southwest to celebrate your engagement.


Utah sign entering Utah at Paige Arizona state border
Arizone desert with sage brush
Pool at Amangiri Resort in Utah desert
Couple standing poolside at amangiri resort in Utah desert
Couple standing at the pool at Amangiri resort in Utah
Woman sitting at pool at Amangiri resort
Couple getting engaged at Amangiri resort in Utah
Black and white image in Utah desert
Couple hugging at resort near Lake Powell
Hands reaching across desert in Utah
Couple holding hands in Utah desert
Couple walking in beautiful architecture in the desert
Couple walking in Utah desert at Amangiri
Couple smiling at Amangiri
Couple hugging at Amangiri
Black and white portrait at Amangiri
Couple walking through Arizona desert
Navajo sandstone landscape photo at Amangiri resort
Couple stands near sandstone in Utah desert
Sunrise at Amangiri resort
Couple gets engaged at Amangiri resort
Couple visits Amangiri resort for engagement
Couple has wedding at Amangiri resort
Couple stands at Amangiri resort
Couple gets married at Amangiri
Couple standing and laughing in Utah desert
Couple is romantic at Amangiri resort
Couple stands at spa at Amangiri resort
Black and white couple at Amangiri resort
Romantic engagement photos at Amangiri resort in Utah desert
Amangiri desert concrete architecture
Couple enjoys sunrise at Amangiri resort
Black and white photo of couple at Amangiri resort
Amangiri sunrise engagement photos
Couple enjoys the view at Amangiri resort
Sunrise desert engagement shoot
Amangiri sunrise session with couple in desert
Black and white desert couple at Amangiri
Desert engagement shoot in Utah near Lake Powell
Couple has wedding at Amangiri wedding near Page Arizona
Engaged couple holds hands in Southern Utah desert
Couple runs down hill in Utah desert
Couple walks through Arizona desert at sunrise